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ESOP Design

Building the Best Solution for Each Business

Once you’ve decided to implement an ESOP at your company, TPA Solutions offers comprehensive services and support to guide you through the design of your ESOP.


Designing the plan

Like other qualified employee benefit plans, ESOPs must comply with applicable laws, including ERISA. Within the specified legal rules, plan sponsors must make important decisions regarding the plan terms to make sure that the ESOP fits well into the company’s corporate culture, cash flow needs, and strategic goals. Legal counsel should be consulted to prepare the required ESOP plan documents, including the agreement with the ESOP Trustee.


ESOP Third-Party Administration (TPA)

ESOP third-party administration (TPA) is a proven strategy for simplifying the administration of your ESOP. ESOP TPA services include all recordkeeping and reporting requirements as well as the day-to-day operations of an ESOP. ESOP TPAs advise trustees on critical ESOP decisions, from voting shares to repurchase obligation. They also take the lead in recordkeeping and preparing critical reports, including Form 5500, 1099-R, and trust accounting details. ESOP TPAs stay on top of the latest laws governing ESOPs, providing valuable insight for getting the most out of ESOPs.


TPA Solutions provides high quality ESOP TPA and recordkeeping services to fit your needs. Our simple, transparent fee structure adds an unsurpassed level of confidence to your ESOP plan administration. Let our experienced ESOP TPA professionals help your ESOP plan achieve better results while saving you time and money.

TPA Solutions’ full-range of ESOP TPA services provide ESOP and manage a variety of reporting and compliance requirements.


ESOP Navigator Software

With ESOP Navigator, TPA Solutions streamlines and automates many of the administrative requirements associated with ESOPs. This powerful software solution can be customized to align with your company’s brand and personality. Whether you choose to tailor it or use it “off the shelf,” you benefit from enhanced speed, efficiency, and accuracy.


Key Benefits: Plan Participants

ESOP Navigator empowers plan participants to:

  • View and print ESOP statements and other company ESOP communications
  • Update contact information
  • Download ESOP administrative forms
  • Access educational ESOP resources (including video) and links to helpful websites

Key Benefits: Plan Sponsors

ESOP Navigator eases the administrative burden by enabling plan sponsors to:

  • Support "paperless" electronic delivery of benefits statements, Summary Annual Report, and other required disclosures
  • Facilitate online voting
  • Maintain a "fiduciary library"
  • Distribute ESOP information, updates, and announcements—including distribution forms—in a highly efficient manner
  • Receive ESOP forms from participants

ESOP Consulting Services

ESOP consulting is a key service brought to you by the ESOP experts at TPA Solutions.

Let our specialized ESOP consultants guide you through the complexities of initial ESOP design, long-range benefits, and ESOP tax planning. TPA Solutions’ ESOP consulting services help to ensure that your ESOP continues to run smoothly and in sync with your company’s financial goals.


Our team of ESOP consultants can help you to:

  • Integrate the ESOP into your company’s financial and strategic planning process
  • Plan and budget for annual ESOP benefits and repurchase liability in the future
  • Develop ESOP distribution policies to help your company achieve its goals while strictly adhering to the latest compliance standards
  • Deliver modeling and guidance related to ESOP loan modifications
  • Model plan funding and design strategies
  • Conduct repurchase obligation studies
  • Resolve compliance issues

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